• Proveedor de Ningbo China G.E.T

    Proveedor de Ningbo China G.E.T

    Presentación de nuestra empresa en español Somos un proveedor de repuestos G.E.T de Ningbo China con una larga trayectoria. Los productos principales son dientes de cuchara, adaptador, bordes, pasador, banda de rodadura, desgarrador y sujetador, etc. La capacidad de producción es de 1000 tonelada...
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  • Fournisseur G.E.T de Ningbo Chine

    Fournisseur G.E.T de Ningbo Chine

    Présentation de notre entreprise en français Nous sommes un fournisseur de pièces de rechange Ningbo China G.E.T avec une longue histoire. Les principaux produits sont les dents de godet, l’adaptateur, les bords, la goupille, la bande de roulement, le ripper et le fastner, etc. La capacité ...
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  • Поставщик G.E.T из Нинбо, Китай

    Поставщик G.E.T из Нинбо, Китай

    Мы являемся поставщиком запчастей G.E.T из Нинбо, Китай, с многолетней историей. Основными продуктами являются зубья ковша, адаптер, кромки, штифт, протектор, рыхлитель и фастнер и т. Д. Производственная мощность составляет 1000 тонн в месяц, метод производства – литье по выплавляемым модел...
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  • New product Launch – Bucket H link

    New product Launch – Bucket H link

    New product Launch – Bucket H link The function of bucket H link is to connect the forearm with the bucket. There is a bushing inside the H link, and the connecting pin is fixed on the bucket and the forearm. It is necessary to maintain the connection, but also to maintain the relative move...
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  • How to smelt the metal ?

    How to smelt the metal ?

    An induction furnace is an electrical furnace in which the heat is applied by induction heating of metal.[1][2][3] Induction furnace capacities range from less than one kilogram to one hundred tonnes, and are used to melt iron and steel, copper, aluminum, and precious metals. The advantage of th...
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  • bucket teeth type Introduction

    bucket teeth type Introduction

    TEETH FOR EXCAVATOR 1. SYL SYL means a standard tooth with a long Y-shaped rib for excavator buckets. It is symmetrical design allows us to keep the profile always sharp for best penetration. The Y-shaped rib makes it a very robust product, with plenty of wear metal. It is the best choice for ge...
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  • What influences wear life of bucket tooth ?

    What influences wear life of bucket tooth ?

    Bucket teeth are the key components of an excavator and affect its efficiency. Bucket teeth are in direct contact with ore, sand, rock, and other materials under the action of external forces, and they not only bear strong impacts, but also the bending moment. With different working conditions, t...
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  • Main Bucket tooth system relate to the machinery

    Main Bucket tooth system relate to the machinery

    Deciphering tooth and adapter size depends on the type and size of the machine.  Just for you reference. Excavators (mt) <7 7-10 10-15 15-20 20-25 25-30 35-40 40-50 50-60 Loaders (yd) <2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ULTRALOK® U20 U25 U30 U35 U40 U45 U55 U60 SUPER-V® V17/18 V19 V23 V29...
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  • Different Type of Adapter Advantage

    Different Type of Adapter Advantage

    BOTTOM-STRAP - Provides the largest offset for the most aggressive digging. - Thick bottom strap provides the greatest protection of base edge. - Promotes fast loading; permits easy, complete dumping. - Available for 910 through 992 Loaders.     TWO-STRAP - Provides best retention in h...
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  • Bucket’s four durability categories

    Bucket’s four durability categories

    Generally there are four types of bucket, General Duty, Heavy Duty, Severe Duty and Extreme Duty. Choose right bucket will optimize production, lowering operating cost significantly. Beside, it will better withstand wear and fatique. 1. General Duty  (GD) For digging in low impact, lower abrasio...
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  • Bucket sidebar protection

    Bucket sidebar protection

    Strikeoff Sidecutter Half arrow shape to provide better penetration than bare bucket. Protects the lower bucket sides and corners For use in moderate-to-light conditions Can be stacked for more protection.   Heavy Duty Sidecutter For tough digging conditions. More wear material. Covers more...
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  • Ultralok tooth system ( U series)

    Ultralok tooth system ( U series)

    Ultralok Tooth System Introduction Ultralok tooth system is harmmerless system, easily assemble.Besides,opitmum design helps extend wear life. There are many different type which can be suited for various working environment. Please see below specific description. S – The S is a standard point, a...
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