Bucket sidebar protection

Strikeoff Sidecutter

Half arrow shape to provide better penetration than bare bucket.

Protects the lower bucket sides and corners

For use in moderate-to-light conditions

Can be stacked for more protection.

bucket strikeoff sidecutter


Heavy Duty Sidecutter

For tough digging conditions.

More wear material.

Covers more of the sidebar for enhanced protection of the bucket.

Scalloped profile improves bucket penetration and machine performance.

Bucket heavy-duty sidecutter


Sidebar Protectors

Protect your bucket’s structural integrity with sidebars and shear blocks.

Shear block protects the pin from extreme loads and breakage, helping ensure sidebar protector retention.

Sidebar protector protects the bucket edge.

Shear block bears the loads instead of the pins.

bucket sidebar protector

Post time: Oct-26-2019