Quality Warranty


Ningbo Minter Machinery Co.,Ltd (“Minter”) supply replacement G.E.T(ground engaging tools) that have been manufactured to high quality standards.

In addition all parts that ready have undergone vigorous testing before being made available for export to our customers to further ensure quality standards are met.

Minter guarantees all our spare parts against breakage. If any of these parts break under normal working conditions. We promise to offer one by one replaced for free.

This is why we are confident that any part we supply will do the job and provide a lifetime warranty against defects.



The products will be placed on a wooden pallet or in a wooden box, depending on the product type.

In general, bucket teeth, adapter, protector, side cutter, and overlay end-bit shall be put in wooden boxes. Others like grader blades, cutting edges shall be fixed on wooden pallet.