Hitachi replacement spare parts bucket tooth adapter ground engaging tools for machinery mode EX40/50 EX60 EX75 EX100 EX120 EX130 EX150 EX200 ZX230 EX300 ZX330 EX400

Short Description:

Below are Hitachi most used replacement spare parts. They are bucket tooth,matching bucket adapter and locking system.
Mostly they use Conical bucket tooth system and Super V bucket tooth system
If you have enquiries, please contact our sales. We are at your service.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Machinery mode Part no. Description
EX40/50 4245518/4339864 ADAPTER
EX40/50 4080730/4339865 TIP
EX40/50 4080731/4339868 LOCK PIN
EX40/50 4080731 RUBBER LOCK
EX60/75 4135495/4364685 ADAPTER
EX60/75 4135496/4364686 TIP
EX60/75 4135497/4364687 LOCK PIN
EX60/75 4135498/4364688 RUBBER LOCK
EX100/120/130/150 4188013/4339520 ADAPTER
EX100/120/130/150 Z963228 TIP
EX100/120/130/150 Z963229/4506257 LOCK PIN
EX100/120/130/150 Z963227 RUBBER LOCK
EX100/120/130/150 2015428 SIDE CUTTER LH
EX100/120/130/150 2015429 SIDE CUTTER RH
EX200 4187940/4326641 ADAPTER
EX200/ZX230 4501629/4326640 TIP
EX200 4501627/4326643 LOCK PIN
EX200 4501625/4326642 RUBBER LOCK
EX200 2014503 SIDE CUTTER LH
EX200 2014504 SIDE CUTTER RH
EX300 4195699 ADAPTER
EX300/ZX330 4512365/4326644 TIP
EX300 4512366/4326646 LOCK PIN
EX300 4501625/4326642 RUBBER LOCK
EX300 2021232 SIDE CUTTER LH
EX300 2021233 SIDE CUTTER RH
EX400 4153602 ADAPTER
EX400 4153603 TIP
EX400 Z968489 LOCK PIN
EX400 1010517 SIDE CUTTER LH
EX400 1010518 SIDE CUTTER RH
V19SYL Tooth SYL
V23SYL Tooth SYL
V29SYL Tooth SYL
V33SYL Tooth SYL
V39SYL Tooth SYL
V43SYL Tooth SYL
V51SYL Tooth SYL
V61SYL Tooth SYL
V69SYL Tooth SYL
V33SD Tooth SD
V39SD Tooth SD
V43SD Tooth SD
V51SD Tooth SD
V61SD Tooth SD
V69SD Tooth SD
V19PN Pin Assy
V23PN Pin Assy
V29PN Pin Assy
V33PN Pin Assy
V39PN Pin Assy
V43PN Pin Assy
V51PN Pin Assy
V61PN Pin Assy
V69PN Pin Assy

Part Description

Mechanical Property


Hardness HRC48-52, Impact strength(room temperature)≥18J


Hardness HRC36-44, Impact strength(room temperature)≥20J

Grader Blades C80

Hardness HB280-320,Impact Strength≥7J(room temperature)

Cutting Edge 30MnB

Hardness HB440-480,Impact Strength≥25J(room temperature)

Cutting Edge 16Mn

Hardness HB330-370,Impact Strength≥40J(room temperature)



1. Fast Delivery Time, lead time is around 35-40days.if stock availability, within one week.

2. Large Inventory, more than 5,000 items.

3. Strict Quality Management, testing hardness, impact strength, and test matchable one by one.

4. High impact strength and more wear material

5. Much more reasonable price

6. Professional, our factory has more than 20-year history on g.e.t field.

Quality Management

Impact testing

Impact Testing



Hardness testing device


tensile strength testing device


Stock Picture


Shipment Picture


Production Process

1-Mould Design

1-Mould Design

2-Mould Processing

2-Mould Processing

3-Wax Model Making

3-Wax Model Making

4-Tree Assembly

4-Tree Assembly

5-Shell Building

5-Shell Building



7-Sprue Removal

7-Sprue Removal

8-Heat Treatment

8-Heat Treatment

9-Product Testing

9-Product Testing





About MINTER Profile

Ningbo Minter Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional G.E.T located in China.Main products are Bucket teeth,adapter,cutting edge,bolt&nut,pin&retainer Chocky Bars and bucket wear protection. We provide direct replacement parts can be used for excavator,loader,bulldozers,scarifier,grader and snow plows,both construction sector and minning sector.
suit for most machinery brand like Caterpillar,Komatsu, Hitachi, Hyundai,Doosan,Volvo,JCB and some for Chinese machinery such as Sany XCMG,Liugong and so on.
There are complete & professional facilities in each production process.And we pay more attention to high standard for details from raw material selection to goods package and shipping. We are strict with delivery time.And our aime is simple,Committing to provide consistent high quality spare parts with excellent service for customers,to meet customers’ requirements and make effort to enlarge their market share and establish long-term cooperation with customers.
With strong technology term back-up and rich knowledge&experience on this field,we are able to provide R&D development to meet costomization requirement.
We focus on this industry. Join us to explore market together and pursuing what we want!

Q & A

1. What’s your delivery time?

Firstly, we will check our stock if availability, if no stocks, lead time is around 35-40days.

2.What’s your quality warranty ?

Promise no breakage happens.

Once breakage happens, we will have our technique team check and analyze. we will replace one by one for free if we should be responsible.

3.What kind of products you can offer ?

We are specialized in providing G.E.T parts like bucket teeth, adapter, cutting edge, side cutter, Protector, shank, ripper teeth, shank guard, fastners like bolt, nut,pin and retainers. Mainly for heavy machinery like excavators, loaders, dozers, motor graders and scrarifiers.

4.Are you a Manufacturer ?

Yes, we are a manufacturer located in Ningbo China. And we welcome to visit our factory.

5.Do you have Moq ?

No Moq. But if order quantity is less than 3tons, we have to surcharged for inland freight charge, port operation charge, file charge, export declaration charge etc..

6.What’s the biggest parts you can offer ?

We can provide PC1250, Caterpillar J800 spare parts,81 series as well. We are also striving into minning industry, expecting bigger parts can be casted later soon.

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