2019 China New Design Bulldozer Cutting Edge - Caterpillar style Komatsu Style Loader Edge, Base edge, bolt-on center edges,bolt-on end edges, bolt-on segments replacement parts Chinese suppliers – Minter Machinery

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With our leading technology also as our spirit of innovation,mutual cooperation, benefits and advancement, we'll build a prosperous future together with your esteemed organization for Sidebar Protector , Dubai Bucket Teeth , Combi Wear Parts , With us your money in safe your business in safe . Hope we can be your trustworthy supplier in China . Looking forward for your cooperation .
2019 China New Design Bulldozer Cutting Edge - Caterpillar style Komatsu Style Loader Edge, Base edge, bolt-on center edges,bolt-on end edges, bolt-on segments replacement parts Chinese suppliers – Minter Machinery Detail:

For Loader Base edge, bolt-on center edge, there are two grade. One is material 16Mn. The other material is 30MnB (Boron steel). Boron steel mechanical property is as below, hardness: HB460±20,Tensile: 1450Rm-N/mm²,Elongation: 11%, Impact test: 20J at 25℃ and 12J at -20℃。 For 16Mn, Hardness: HB400±20,Tensile: ≥1100Rm-N/mm², Elongation: 13%, Impact Test: ≥40J at 25℃, We can made OEM to meet customers’requirements. We could provide blades parts for Caterpillar,Komatsu loaders excavators dozers and graders. Below is the parts what we can provide for Caterpillar and Komatsu Backhoe,construction wheel loaders,minning wheel loaders,please contact our sales for detailed information.

Caterpillar machinery Model Bucket style Base edge Bolt-on center edge Bolt-on end edges Bolt-on Segments
416, 426, 428,
Loader (front) 9R4672 9W8215 (X2) N/A N/A
9R5313 4T8077 (X1) N/A N/A
IT12, IT18, IT26 IT28, 916,
924F, 926
General Purpose 5V4670 1U0295 (X2) 4T8091 (X2) N/A
9V6572 1U0295 (X2) 4T8091 (X2) 4T6694 (X7)
8V7214 1U0295 (X2) 4T8091 (X2) N/A
General Purpose 5G2809 4T8796 (X1) 4T2914 (X2) N/A
6S6500 4T2920 (X1) 4T2918 (X2) N/A
5G3085 4T2913 (X1) 4T2914 (X2) 7T8935 (X6)
920, 930 General Purpose 6W2984 1U0607 (X2) 4T8091 (X2) 4T6694 (X7)
8K8161 1U1465 (X1) 1U1464 (X2) N/A
931, 935 General Purpose 5G2808 4T2911 (X1) 4T2910 (X2) N/A
6S6501 4T2919 (X2) N/A N/A
5G8467 9W9943 (X1) 9W9944 (X2) N/A
6S6500 4T2920 (X1) 4T2918 (X2) N/A
5G3477 4T2915 (X1) 4T2914 (X2) N/A
936E, 936F
General Purpose 6W2985 1U0292 (X2) 4T8091 (X2) 4T6695 (X7)
8V1825 1U0292 (X2) 4T8091 (X2) N/A
8V7619 1U0292 (X2) 4T8091 (X2) N/A
941, 951, 953 General Purpose 5V4673 1U0605 (X2) 4T8091 (X2) 4T6691 (X7)
6W2977 1U0605 (X2) 4T8091 (X2) N/A
8K6452 1U1467 (X2) N/A N/A
9V6572 1U0295 (X2) 4T8091 (X2) 4T6694 (X7)
5V4670 1U0295 (X2) 4T8091 (X2) N/A
943, 953 General Purpose 4V8335 1U0294 (X2) 4T8091 (X2) N/A
9V6571 1U0294 (X2) 4T8091 (X2) 4T6691 (X7)
4V8850 1U0293 (X2) 4T8091 (X2) N/A
9V6570 1U0293 (X2) 4T8091 (X2) 4T6692 (X7)
944, 950 General Purpose 8K6161 1U1465 (X1) 1U1464 (X2) N/A
5V7277 1U2414 (X2) 4T8101 (X2) N/A
6W2986 1U2414 (X2) 4T8101 (X2) 4T6694 (X7)
6W2987 1U2412 (X2) 4T8101 (X2) 4T6694 (X7)
5V7525 1U2413 (X2) 4T8101 (X2) N/A
6W2988 1U2413 (X2) 4T8101 (X2) 4T6694 (X7)
8K8162 1U1470 (X1) 1U1469 (X2) N/A
950B, 950E,
General Purpose 5V4696 1U0601 (X2) 4T8101 (X2) N/A
9V6573 1U0601 (X2) 4T8101 (X2) 4T6695 (X7)
5V7410 1U0601 (X2) 4T8101 (X2) N/A
950B, 950E,
950F, 960F
Rock 6W2973 7T5963 (X1) &
7T5962 (X1) &
7T5961 (X1)
4T8101 (X2) N/A
955 General Purpose 5V7262 1U2410 (X2) N/A N/A
8K7524 1U1471 (X2) 4T8101 (X2) N/A
6W2978 1U2410 (X2) 4T8101 (X2) 4T6692 (X7)
5V7263 1U2411 (X2) 4T8101 (X2) N/A
963 General Purpose 4V4958 1U0599 (X2) 4T8101 (X2) N/A
6W2979 1U0599 (X2) 4T8101 (X2) 4T6692 (X7)
4V3174 1U0600 (X2) 4T8101 (X2) N/A
6W2980 1U0600 (X2) 4T8101 (X2) 4T6694 (X7)
966C General Purpose 6W2989 1U2407 (X2) 3G6395 (X2) 4T6698 (X7)
7V0904 1U2406 (X2) 3G6395 (X2) N/A
6W2990 1U2406 (X2) 3G6395 (X2) 4T6698 (X7)
6W2979 1U1476 (X1) 1U1475 (X2) N/A
8K9754 1U2407 (X2) 3G6395 (X2) N/A
966D, 966E,
General Purpose 7V6844 1U1909 (X2) 3G6395 (X2) N/A
7V1490 1U0593 (X2) 3G6395 (X2) N/A
9V6575 1U0593 (X2) 3G6395 (X2) 4T6699 (X7)
966D, 966E,
Rock 6W2993 4T9185 (X1) &
4T9125 (X1) &
4T9126 (X1)
4T9127 (X1) &
4T9128 (X1)
4T6697 (X1) &
4T9123 (X1) &
4T2914 (X3)
970 General Purpose 9V6575 1U0593 (X2) 3G6395 (X2) 4T6699 (X7)
7I3015 1006668 (X2) 3G6395 (X2) 1006666 (X7)
973 General Purpose 5V0600 1U0591 (X2) 3G6395 (X2) N/A
6W2982 1U0591 (X2) 3G6395 (X2) 4T6697 (X7)
5G7303 9W8334 (2) 3G6395 (X2) N/A
6W2981 1U0592 (X2) 3G6395 (X2) 4T6698 (X7)
973 Rock 6W2994 9W3676 (X1) 9W3677 (X1) & 9W3678 (X1) 4T3015 (X3) &
4T9123 (X1) &
4T9124 (X1)
977 General Purpose 7V0906 1U2408 (X2) 3G6395 (X2) N/A
6W2983 1U2408 (X2) 3G6395 (X2) 4T6696 (X7)
8K9499 1U1478 (X1) 1U1479 (X2) N/A
7V0898 1U2409 (X2) 3G6395 (X2) N/A
980, 980B General Purpose 6W2991 4T5273 (X2) 1U0761 (X2) 4T6700 (X7)
9K1619 4T6594 (X1) 4T6592 (X2) N/A
980, 980B,
980C, 980F
Rock 9V3561 4T7141 (X1) &
4T7144 (X1) &
4T7145 (X1)
4T7142 (X1) &
4T7143 (X1)
4T3015 (X1) &
4T9123 (X3) &
4T9124 (X3)
980C, 980F 9V6574 1U0762 (X2) 1U0761 (X2) N/A
7V4188 1U0762 (X2) 1U0761 (X2) 4T6700 (X7)
988, 988B 3V0187 4T6588 (X3) N/A N/A
#NUM! 9W1375 (X2) 1U0761 (X2) 4T6700 (X7)
988, 988B 8R4649 9W5733 (X1) &
9W5731 (X1) &
9W5736 (X1)
9W5732 (X1) & 9W5735 (X1) 9W5734 (X1) & 9W5737 (X3) & 9W5730 (X3)
988, 988B 9C2932 9W8250 (X1) 9W8249 (X2) 9W5734 (X7)
988F #NUM! 1019350 (X1) 1019351 (X1)
& 1019352 (X1)
1019435 (X3)
& 1019436 (X1) & 1019437 (X1)
990 #NUM! 1016420 (X1) &
1016422 (X1) &
1016423 (X1)
1016421(X1) & 1016424 (X1) 4T6760 (X1) &
4T6761 (X3) &
4T6762 (X3)
992C, 992D 9V3570 N/A N/A 4T6760 (X1) &
4T6761 (X3) &
4T6762 (X3)
994 8X0809 N/A N/A 8E3157 (X2) &
8E3158 (X3) &
8E3159 (X3)
994 1016776 N/A N/A 8E3157 (X8)
Komatsu machinery Model Bucket style Base edge Bolt-on center edge Bolt-on end edges
WA20-1 Straight 361-701-1160 361-972-1140 (X1) N/A
WA30-2 Straight 363-701-1121 362-972-1111 (X1) N/A
WA40-1 Straight 363-70-1160 362-972-1110 (X1) N/A
WA70-1 Straight 415-70-12121 415-815-1110 (X1) 415-815-1120 (X2)
WA100-1 Straight 416-70-12121 416-815-1110 (X1) 416-815-1120 (X2)
WA120-1 Straight 417-70-12121 416-816-1310 (X1) 416-816-1320 (X2)
WA120-3 Straight 417-70-12121 416-815-1310 (X1) 416-815-1320 (X2)
WA150-1 Straight 417-70-12121 416-815-1110 (X1) 416-815-1120 (X2)
WA180-1 WA180-3 Straight 418-70-12121 417-815-1210 (X1) 417-815-1220 (X2)
WA200-1 Straight 418-70-12121 418-815-1120 (X1) 418-815-1110 (X2)
WA250-1, WA250-3 Straight 419-70-12122 418-815-1211 (X1) 418-815-1221 (X2)
WA320-3 Straight 419-70-12221 418-815-1211 (X1) 418-815-1221 (X2)
WA300-1 Straight 419-70-12122 419-815-1110 (X1) 419-815-1120 (X2)
Spade 419-809-1120 N/A N/A
WA320-1 Straight 419-70-12221 419-815-1211 (X1) 418-815-1221 (X2)
Spade 419-819-1120 N/A N/A
WA350-1 Straight 423-70-12121 423-815-1111 (X1) 423-815-1121 (X2)
Spade 423-809-1120 N/A N/A
WA380-1 WA380-3 Straight 424-70-12220 423-815-1211 (X1) 423-815-1221 (X2)
WA400-1 Straight 424-70-12121 424-815-1111 (X1) 424-815-1131 (X2)
WA420-1, WA420-3 Straight 421-70-12122 424-815-1211 (X1) 421-815-1221 (X2)
Spade 421-809-1120 N/A N/A
WA450-1 Straight 421-70-12320 421-815-1111 (X1) 421-815-1121 (X2)
WA470-1 Straight 421-70-12430 421-815-1211 (X1) 421-815-1221 (X2)
Straight 425-70-12122 425-815-1110 (X1) 425-815-1120 (X2)
WA500-1 Straight 425-70-12122 425-815-1310(x1) 425-815-1320 (x2)
Spade 425-809-1121 N/A N/A
WA600 Straight 426-806-1120 426-815-1110 (x1) 426-815-1130 (x2),
426-815-1120 (x2)
Spade 426-70-12122 N/A N/A
WA700-1 Straight 428-806-1120
Spade 428-70-12120 N/A N/A
WA800-1 Straight 418-70-12121
Spade 427-70-12125 N/A N/A



Part Description

Mechanical Property


Hardness HRC48-52, Impact strength(room temperature)≥18J


Hardness HRC36-44, Impact strength(room temperature)≥20J



1. Fast Delivery Time, lead time is around 35-40days.if stock availability, within one week.

2. Large Inventory, more than 5,000 items.

3. Strict Quality Management, testing hardness, impact strength, and test matchable one by one.

4. High impact strength and more wear material

5. Much more reasonable price

6. Professional, our factory has more than 20-year history on g.e.t field.

Quality Management

Impact testing

Impact Testing



Hardness testing device


tensile strength testing device


Stock Picture


Shipment Picture


Production Process

1-Mould Design

1-Mould Design

2-Mould Processing

2-Mould Processing

3-Wax Model Making

3-Wax Model Making

4-Tree Assembly

4-Tree Assembly

5-Shell Building

5-Shell Building



7-Sprue Removal

7-Sprue Removal

8-Heat Treatment

8-Heat Treatment

9-Product Testing

9-Product Testing





About MINTER Profile

Ningbo Minter Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional G.E.T located in China.Main products are Bucket teeth,adapter,cutting edge,bolt&nut,pin&retainer Chocky Bars and bucket wear protection. We provide direct replacement parts can be used for excavator,loader,bulldozers,scarifier,grader and snow plows,both construction sector and minning sector.
suit for most machinery brand like Caterpillar,Komatsu, Hitachi, Hyundai,Doosan,Volvo,JCB and some for Chinese machinery such as Sany XCMG,Liugong and so on.
There are complete & professional facilities in each production process.And we pay more attention to high standard for details from raw material selection to goods package and shipping. We are strict with delivery time.And our aime is simple,Committing to provide consistent high quality spare parts with excellent service for customers,to meet customers’ requirements and make effort to enlarge their market share and establish long-term cooperation with customers.
With strong technology term back-up and rich knowledge&experience on this field,we are able to provide R&D development to meet costomization requirement.
We focus on this industry. Join us to explore market together and pursuing what we want!

Q & A

1. What’s your delivery time?

Firstly, we will check our stock if availability, if no stocks, lead time is around 35-40days.

2.What’s your quality warranty ?

Promise no breakage happens.

Once breakage happens, we will have our technique team check and analyze. we will replace one by one for free if we should be responsible.

3.What kind of products you can offer ?

We are specialized in providing G.E.T parts like bucket teeth, adapter, cutting edge, side cutter, Protector, shank, ripper teeth, shank guard, fastners like bolt, nut,pin and retainers. Mainly for heavy machinery like excavators, loaders, dozers, motor graders and scrarifiers.

4.Are you a Manufacturer ?

Yes, we are a manufacturer located in Ningbo China. And we welcome to visit our factory.

5.Do you have Moq ?

No Moq. But if order quantity is less than 3tons, we have to surcharged for inland freight charge, port operation charge, file charge, export declaration charge etc..

6.What’s the biggest parts you can offer ?

We can provide PC1250, Caterpillar J800 spare parts, Super V81 series as well. We are also striving into minning industry, expecting bigger parts can be casted later soon.

Product detail pictures:

2019 China New Design Bulldozer Cutting Edge -
 Caterpillar style Komatsu Style Loader Edge, Base edge, bolt-on center edges,bolt-on end edges, bolt-on segments replacement parts Chinese suppliers – Minter Machinery detail pictures

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While using the "Client-Oriented" company philosophy, a demanding high-quality management method, innovative producing products and also a sturdy R&D workforce, we always deliver premium quality merchandise, superb solutions and aggressive selling prices for 2019 China New Design Bulldozer Cutting Edge - Caterpillar style Komatsu Style Loader Edge, Base edge, bolt-on center edges,bolt-on end edges, bolt-on segments replacement parts Chinese suppliers – Minter Machinery , The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Dominica , Puerto Rico , Macedonia , Our company considers that selling is not only to gain profit but also popularize the culture of our company to the world. So we are working hard to give you the wholehearted service and willing to give you the most competitive price in the market
  • We have been appreciated the Chinese manufacturing, this time also did not let us disappoint,good job!
    5 Stars By Andrew Forrest from Marseille - 2017.09.30 16:36
    As an international trading company, we have numerous partners, but about your company, I just want to say, you are really good, wide range, good quality, reasonable prices, warm and thoughtful service, advanced technology and equipment and workers have professional training, feedback and product update is timely, in short, this is a very pleasant cooperation, and we look forward to the next cooperation!
    5 Stars By Daisy from European - 2017.09.30 16:36
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